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More Femi + Vaas/Femi sketches!~


Earlier this evening I was feeling bored and sick so I started sketching some Far Cry OC-related things~ <3

First up is a little doodle of Femi looking and failing to look badass~ <3

Then after that I had the urge to draw some Vaas/Femi seeing as me and my bestie were RP-ing them, so I…




Some interesting info: This is very reminiscent of the Baby X experiments, in which it was discovered that people reacted differently to a baby’s behavior depending on whether or not they believed the baby to be male or female.  People were asked to watch a video of a baby reacting to a startling image (a Jack-in-the-box popping up), and describe the baby’s emotional state.  When people believed the baby to be female, they described the baby as being scared and upset; when they thought the baby was male, they perceived the baby to be angry.  This was very telling, as it showed that literally identical behavior could be construed differently based on the perceived gender of the subject.

Now imagine a lifetime of gender specific socialization- male anger is par for the course while the same emotion in a woman is personal weakness. Ha oh sorry don’t have to imagine THAT’S REALITY 


(Source: queergraffiti)

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